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Western Caribbean Cruise

If you have decided to go with a Western Caribbean Cruise then there are traditional stop off points that you will encounter during the period of the cruise. Some of these key focus points are noted down in history as some of the greatest and well known land marks known to date. Belize City is one of the stops you will no doubt make on your western caribbean cruise, Belize is well known for its amazing 185 mile barrier reef which is the largest in the Western Hemisphere and known for its world class diving schools.

The great wall of Tulum which is located in Cozumel will also be on the agenda in a Western Caribbean cruise with its 60 acre site containing great architectural buildings of our time such as carvings, arches and sundials that will leave you astonished. One village you will visit is George Town with its seven mile golden beach and frequent boat trips to the infamous Stingray City Sandbar where you can snorkel the waters with professional divers and actually take part in feeding the huge stingrays which is an event to remember the rest of your life. George Town is a perfect place to get your gifts for family members and friend back home from the Rum Factory; they have cakes on sale for just $10 which will go down a treat with a number of flavours available.

During your Western Caribbean Cruise, you should take a trip to Rose Hall plantation which can be found in Montego Bay where the Great House (circa 1760) is said to be haunted by the ghost of its late mistress, Mrs Annie Palmer. Most cruisers now stop of by Ocho Rios bay to see the Dunn’s River Falls which is a great spot to take your holiday photos, when you get to a massive 600 foot staircase and look below to see water crashing down onto a golden beach or touring the many museums and galleries.

One of the last stops on your western caribbean cruise will be around the city of Chitzen Itza located near Progresso. Here you will find many temples, the famous pyramid of Kulkulcan and an astronomical observatory. This makes the trip definitely worth going as you see a side of history you may of never experienced before and learn so much. You can check out the internet and do your research to learn if a Western Caribbean cruise would be the perfect getaway for you and your family and book today!

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