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Nile Cruise And Stay

The Nile River was the centre of old Egypt and it still plays a central role in the country today. It is one of the most beautiful and powerful rivers in the world, and the beauty of the Nile River provides a terrific contrast to the stark and lovely desert scenery which extends to the horizon in either direction about the river. If you are looking to enjoy your trip to the land of the pharaohs and get the best sense of what life in Egypt was really like, a cruise down the Nile is the best way to go. When you take a Nile cruise, you move down the river slowly, seeing the outlay of the land as you go. You get to cover a lot of ground while relaxing on board the deck of the ship, sunning or swimming in the pool.

Cruises on the Nile River also make plenty of stops where you can see the local sights. The Temple at Karnak is one of the most popular places for Nile cruises to stop, and most cruise lines also offer guided tours so that you can enjoy a number of temples along the trip and see the mysterious architecture of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Cruises up and down the Nile River generally start around the city of Luxor in the north and work their way upstream until reaching the Aswan High Dam. Vacation cruise packages along the Nile also include airfare so that you can get to the city of Cairo and then Luxor from a number of airports in the United States. Wherever you live, it is easy to take a vacation to Egypt and enjoy everything that this country has to offer. See the pyramids and the Sphinx one day, and travel down the River of the Gods the next. Everything is nearby when you go to Egypt and you can see all of the sights that have entranced visitors for thousands and thousands of years.

A cruise liner is also one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your vacation to Egypt, as you get to see a range of sights while you keep your things in one room, and when you are between attractions you can relax with the entertainment options on board the cruise ship. Prices for Nile cruises are low enough that you can easily afford them and save money while getting the best deal on your next vacation, so make your next holiday the best ever with a Nile cruise!