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Mediterranean Cruise And Stay

Mediterranean cruise and stay holidays are one of the best values that you can get for a cruise destination anywhere in the world. Why? Because of the wide range of cultures and attractions that Mediterranean cruises let you see. The Mediterranean Sea was the centre of the old world, and the barrier between the continent of Europe and the continent of Africa. Modern cruises through the Mediterranean can run along the various tourist destinations on the northern shore of the sea: cities in the countries of France, Italy, Spain and Greece which have beautiful weather. Get off whenever you want to at any of a number of ports and enjoy the local culture, the sights and the food. There are lots of cruise lines which focus on specific countries, or you can run along the entire coast over the course of a week and see lots of different places for a dynamic vacation experience.

This is just the beginning of what you can experience on a Mediterranean cruise vacation, however. Mediterranean cruises can also go inland in Europe on the Danube, the Main, or one of the other major rivers, allowing you to enjoy cities in Germany, Austria and other European countries. Mediterranean cruises can also run along resort cities on the north coast of Africa, and they can travel up the Nile River. The Nile is a great addition to a Mediterranean vacation and has a number of temples at exotic locations from Luxor to Karnak. While you relax on the deck of the ship, sunbathing or swimming in the pool, you can watch the arid vistas of stark desert pass by, and as you finish your vacation you can see the pyramids and the Sphinx. A Mediterranean cruise is truly the cruise which has it all – so many cultures and so many sights packed into a short trip, so that you will have a vacation experience which is unforgettable while saving time and money.

Did I mention saving money? It is a fact that Mediterranean cruises are surprisingly inexpensive. For many cruises you can go to the Mediterranean and enjoy a great number of sights for prices that are around or even less than one hundred dollars a day. This makes a Mediterranean cruise less expensive in total than many land based vacations – an amazing value for cruises which let you see so much of the world. Today is the day to begin planning your next trip to the Mediterranean Sea on a luxury cruise!