Cruise and stay

A destination guide to cruise and stay holidays

Cruise And Stay Holidays

There are plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained while touring the seas on a cruise ship. The bigger cruise ships can have plenty of things to offer depending on the size of the ship. One of the most popular things that people tend to indulge in is sun bathing. There is nothing better then catching some rays whilst touring the seas of the world topping up your tan. If sunbathing isn’t your thing don’t worry, practically every cruise ship will have on board entertainment such as movies, performances and some even have live magicians which will certainly pass some time on during the later hours of the night. 

If curiosity got the better of you why not explore the ship as some of them nowadays are ridiculously large and just waiting to be explored. Take a trip around the ship at the beginning of the cruise to find out what it has to offer and you know where to find what you’re looking for to make the most out of the cruise of a lifetime.

During the sunny hours of the day you can indulge in a day in or by the pool. Every cruise ship has an onboard swimming pool to keep you cool and also get some great exercise as swimming can work pretty much every muscle in the body and is a great way to get in shape so you can get that body you’ve always wanted to match that tan.

If you have kids that are getting restless check to see if the cruiser has an arcade as many do. Provide them with some money and they will be happy staying in there all day long – well until the money runs out but I’m sure it will most definitely pass more then a few hours so you can get that peace and quiet you need.

One of the best activities you can take up which everyone likes (especially the women) is shopping. Many cruisers have large shopping malls so you can get all the duty free you require but be sure to check your countries regulations on bringing the items back as you’re only allowed so much and it would be a waste if you went overboard. There’s nothing better then enjoying a nice meal with your family in some of the best cuisines the seas have to offer so be sure to check them out whilst your on board the cruise.