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Cruise And Stay Caribbean

Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday - Top 10 Attractions

The range of sights available on a Caribbean Cruise makes this one of the most exciting vacations available. This article aims to provide potential tourists with a brief summary of 10 top tourist attractions in the region.

10. Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Take a hike up 600ft to the top of the falls to view. The cascading falls are a beautiful sight and are easily accessible by bus on the northern side of the island.

9. Dominica Champagne Snorkeling

Small volcanic fissures in the sea bed make snorkeling in the area very interesting. When snorkeling you can see small bubbles rising from the fissures. This unique feature allows for the existence of unique wildlife.

8. Sunbury Plantation

This plantation is located in Barbados and takes visitors back to the 18th/19th century. Visitors can get a taste of life on a Caribbean plantation that tries to recreate the atmosphere of the period. Old furniture has been restored making the experience authentic.

7. Submarine Ride

There are many opportunities for having a look at what lies beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea but a submarine ride is an exciting and enjoyable way to do this.

6. El Junque Rain Forest

El Junque rainforest is the perfect escape after the hustle and bustle of San Juan, one of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. El Junque is perfect for those who enjoy hiking.

5. Buck Island Reef

This reef is situated off St. Croix. The perfect clean and clear water offer visitors a great chance to snorkel. There are several outfitters in the area that would be happy to accommodate, and offer local advice on snorkeling trails.

4. Layou River

There are 365 rivers in Dominica but the Layou River is the by far the best for tubing. The river is by far the longest and largest river on the island. People are give there own tube which they get into. The tubes are then launched into the water following the current downstream. The ride is exhilarating as it hits of rocks and other tubes.

3. Virgin Gorda Baths

These baths are located in the British Virgin Islands and provide an ideal opportunity for adventurous visitors to climb and explore the landscape.

2. America’s Cup Racing

Join one of the fast yachts as they sail around the Caribbean. Enjoy the speed and the wind in your hair. Not for those that suffer from sea sickness!

1. Stingray City

Located on Grand Cayman, stingray city allows swimmers to swim and snorkel with sting rays.