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Bahamas Cruise Vacation

Cruises around the Bahamas are very popular amongst first time cruisers and the Bahamas is well known for its beautiful weather and golden beaches. Another main factor is that the Bahamas cruise is very affordable for the whole family and provides a great getaway which the whole family will no doubt enjoy. The cruises can last three or four days and are popular in the summer time as the weather and general atmosphere will be better, you can even get a seven day Bahamas cruise which departs from New York and also stops off at more ports giving you the cruise of a lifetime.

The most appealing thing about the Bahamas is the crystal clear water with the exceptional beach that borders the island. The Bahamas is well known for such water sports as snorkelling, diving and windsurfing because of the wildlife and stunning scenery. A popular stop off point for the main cruisers is the Cruise Line Private Islands which have been custom moulded in order to provide something for everyone whilst having a perfect day at the beach. They offer activities for both young and older people such as water sports, sun bathing or a nice swim. Some cruise operators provide special activities to keep the kids occupied so that you can have some alone time or indulge in a massage to get in the holiday spirit.

Only a select handful of travel agents actually offer these short cruises around the Bahamas so in order to get once to suit your budget you may have to shop around as the longer cruises are generally quite expensive which many people may not be able to afford. If you can it’s definitely worth it as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for your and your family to have the best holidays you have ever had!

Be sure to check with the travel agent or search for reviews online to make sure you’re going in the best time because most cruise ships are all year round with the summer being the peak so it will be very crowded and you may have to book in advance. The longer cruises from New York may stop off at the world known Kennedy Space Centre or Orlando theme parks as you stop at Port Canaveral which is located in Florida so be sure to get the full potential out of this day.

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