Cruise and stay

A destination guide to cruise and stay holidays

Cruise And Stay

Cruise and Stay holidays are the perfect way to relax. You can sunbathe on a deck on a luxury liner or stay in a quality hotel. With a cruise and stay holiday you can combine the best of both worlds to make the most of your holiday.

Cruise and stay holidays are perfect for people who don't haven't been on a cruise before and are worries they may not like it. Cruise and stay holidays allow you to combine a cruise with a more traditional holiday.

Another great thing about a cruise and stay holiday is that you can create your own flexible holiday. Cruises generally visit more than one resort therefore you will get the opportunity to visit more places than you would have if you had stayed in a hotel.

Cruise and Stay: Best of Both Worlds

You can relax on board a luxury liner before you go exploring the world. Cruise and stay holidays allow you to sail the seven seas and explore far flung continents.

While meals are included with your cruise, you'll need to bring extra money so you can dine ashore.

Cruise and Stay Holidays

This website can be used to discover potential holiday destinations. As cruise and stay holidays are becoming a very popular choice now, the choice has increased. Using the internet its very easy to find the perfect cruise and stay holiday for you.